Computer Basic Course

What Will I Learn?

  • You Will be able to do Office Work Easily
  • For making Personal Documents
  • Presentation through Powerpoint

Topics for this course

80 Lessons75h 30m

Basic Computer Fundamentals

Learn computer Part 1,computer basics tutorial6:35
Learn computer in hindi- Part 2,computer basics tutorial-learn keyboard12:48
Learn computer in hindi- Part 3,computer basics tutorial5:45
Learn computer in hindi-part 4 computer basics review- desktop, icon, shortcut6:33
Learn computer in hindi-part 5 computer basics- customize icons4:24
Learn computer in hindi/ computer Basics-Part 6, Desktop Background, Slideshow etc.4:42
Learn computer in hindi- Part 7 computer Basics, set up theme, Screen Saver3:25
Learn computer in hindi Part 8 Computer Basics, Taskbar Overview3:22
Learn Computer in hindi Part 9 computer Basics, Customize Taskbar6:53
Learn Computer in hindi Part 10 Computer Basics, Start Menu Overview4:28
Learn Computer in Hindi Part 11 Computer Basics, Customize Start Menu6:11
Learn Computer in Hindi Part 12 Computer Basics, Open Program6:38
Learn Computer in Hindi Part 13, Computer Basics, Computer Folder6:18
Learn Computer in Hindi- Part 14 Computer Basics, Folder, Save File etc.6:23
Learn Computer in Hindi Part 15 Computer Basics, Copy Paste, Cut Paste etc4:16
Learn Computer in Hindi Part 16 Computer Basics, Copy paste, Cut Paste etc5:41
Learn Computer in Hindi Part 17, Basics Tutorial, How to use Pendrive6:41
Learn Computer in Hindi Part 18 Basic Tutorial, Format, Rename Pendrive4:33
Learn Computer in Hindi Part 19 Basics tutorial, hide and Unhide files and Folders etc3:34
Learn Computer in Hindi, Part 20,Basic Tutorial, Install or Uninstall Programs, Software6:26
Learn Computer in Hindi- Part 21 Basic Tutorial, Exit program that’s not responding3:13
Learn Computer in Hindi Part 22 Basic Tutorial, change date and time5:43
Learn Computer in Hindi Part 23 Basics Tutorial, Free Antivirus8:47
Learn Computer in Hindi -Part 24, Basics Tutorial,MSE offline update4:00
How to Download & Install Hindi Fonts on Computer (Kruti Dev)-Hindi Tutorial4:56
How to Download FREE Fonts and Install them To Your Computer-Hindi Tutorial3:17
How To Create a Windows 7 Password Reset Disk-Learn Compute in Hindi Tutorial3:30
How to recover WiFi Password when You Forgot it-Hindi Tutorial2:56
How to create own Wi-Fi hotspot in windows and share Internet- Hindi tutorial5:01
How to Connect Computer to Wi-Fi even if doesn’t have Wi-Fi Card-Hindi Tutorial2:54
How to change windows password without current password(User Password)-Hindi/Urdu Tutorial3:09
How to make user account in windows-Learn Computer in Hindi/Urdu Tutorial3:51
How to use CCleaner & Speed up your Computer – Computer in Hindi/Urdu Tutorial7:56
How to increase Virtual memory/Ram on windows and Speed Up your Computer-Hindi Tutorial4:27
How to Speed Up/Run Faster computer on windows-Computer Basics Hindi Tutorial.5:37
How to Download/change mouse pointer/cursour on windows/Learn Computer in Hindi in Hindi5:21
How To Format A USB Flash Drive/ Pen Drive Using Disk Management On Windows”Learn Computer in Hindi”00:03:23
How to quick format a flash drive/Pendrive using cmd in windows/Learn computer in Hindi, Urdu3:37
How to Solve/Fix Not Responding Problem in Hindi/Learn Computer in Hindi tutorial4:01
How to Speed Up Windows 7 Startup/Slow Boot Issues/ Windows Loads Slow- Learn computer in Hindi4:58
How To Use Backup and Restore in Windows 7/Back up your files-Learn Computer in Hindi8:15
How to Set a Custom Logon Screen Background on Windows 7, 8/Learn compute in Hindi.6:58
Create your own RUN commands in windows/Learn Computer in Hindi tutorial3:56
How to super hide files and folders in windows 7/Learn computer in Hindi8:42
How to Change Folder icon (without any software) in Windows/Learn computer in Hindi4:34
How to control the cursor/pointer without a mouse/ Learn Computer in Hindi6:21
How to type without a keyboard/onscreen keyboard/virtual keyboard windows 7 in Hindi Basic Tutorial3:19
How to Schedule Disk Cleanup to run regularly (make computer Faster)/Hindi Basic Tutorial4:44
How to Delete Temporary files and folders in Windows 7/8/XP (Speed Up PC) Learn computer in Hindi3:19
How to Use Disk Cleanup/Delete files using Disk Clean Up-Learn Computer in Hindi3:28
How to use Pen drive as ram/USB Flash Drive-Learn Computer in Hindi/Basics Tutorial2:39
How to open word file without Microsoft office-Learn Computer in Hindi/Basic Tutorial2:13
How to connect USB modem /data card to run internet on computer-Learn computer in Hindi4:02
How to enable/disable confirmation dialog box when delete files-Learn compute in Hindi.2:05
How to rename multiple files at once/Learn computer in Hindi Basic tutorial2:42
Learn Computer in Hindi / Basics Tutorial – how to make a password protected rar file2:42
Learn Computer in Hindi / Basics Tutorial – How to run programme automatically. Task Scheduler.4:55
Learn Computer in Hindi/ Basic Tutorial-How to download winrar.2:36
Learn Computer in Hindi/Basics Tutorial-How to make passward protected zip file2:59
Learn Computer in Hindi/Basics Tutorial- how to make zip file3:47
Learn Computer in Hindi / Basics Tutorial- how to disable games feature in windows2:56
Learn Computer in Hindi / Basics Tutorial – How to turn off windows automatic updates.3:11
Learn Computer in Hindi / Basics Tutorial- capture screen on windows computer3:16
Learn computer in hindi/ Basics Tutorial- Know your system information/Specification.2:44
Disable CD/DVD Writer-Learn computer in Hindi/ Basics tutorial.3:24
learn compute in hindi/Basics Tutorial- How lock USB Flesh Drive/Pendrive without any software.3:06
Learn Computer in Hindi/Basics tutorial-How to hide hard disk drives.3:38
Learn computer in Hindi Basics- change the mouse pointer2:44
Learn computer in hindi /Basics- How to Remove shutdown, restart, sleep options from start menu2:58
Learn Computer in Hindi/Basics Tutorial- How to hide control Panel.2:45
Learn computer in Hindi / Basics tutorial- How to hide all programs from start menu.2:33
Learn computer in hindi, Basics tutorial how to disable run menu on windows 73:44
Learn Computer in Hindi- how to make windows user account password2:57
learn computer in hindi basics tutorial- how to disable USB ports4:26